• Speak Peace, Not Hate
    Kind words can warm for three winters, while harsh words can chill even in the heat of summer (Chinese proverb). Looking back at this past period, it seems almost as if there is more hatred than ever. The television shows shocking images from countries far and near. The internet is full of it. Do our words make a difference? Read on

  • The seven-year itch
    Mid-2014 HildeConsult celebrates seven years as a one-woman-self-containing firm. Looking back I am grateful for the many rewarding experiences these years have brought me: many people and organizations have enriched my life while working with them world-wide, I have a growing number of tools in my toolbox, and am all the time myself learning as much as the other. I am still very much motivated to contribute to a peaceful, inclusive society, and to facilitate change from within. Then why does the term 'seven-year itch' keep popping up? Read on

  • From fear to hope
    For the New Year 2014 I would like to express my best wishes to you by quoting Nelson Mandela:'May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears'. My entire life he was there, like a mirror, a stimulant not to give up, an inspiring example that our life is worth living it if you strive at something beyond your own fears, as somebody who embodies hope in a troubled and cruel world. Mandela is no more... But we are. How can we better honor him for his contribution to this world than by following his example? Read on