No outreach without in–reach

Next year, my one–woman–business HildeConsult will celebrate her 10th anniversary. So I have declared 2017 to be my year of thankfulness! I am grateful for the many chances I got to do what I like most, which is my core–business: to help people and organisations in their learning, to help them to flourish and grow. And to help them to achieve the desired change themselves. It is very rewarding to see that after a trajectory with HildeConsult many of my clients are more fit for the future.

2016 was an intensive and beautiful year full of new insights. I had no time to get bored, since the work was always different and varied. Working in six different countries was already challenging in itself: in Afghanistan, Albania, Benin, The Netherlands, DR Congo and Sri Lanka. Doing a variety of different things, like a multiple day training course, or crossing the countryside for weeks for an evaluation at national level. And everything in between, related to people and organisations, such as coaching, facilitation of intervision, a diversity of workshops e.g. about intercultural communication, etcetera. Everything aimed at personal and organisational capacity growth of those involved.

But "No outreach without in–reach": when working with people you have to be fit yourself. You cannot allow yourself to lean backwards and go on autopilot, because most probably you lose sharpness and accurateness.
That is why I am very happy to be able to tell you that I have received my renewed certificate of professional competence in 2016, meaning I meet the requirements of the European Individual Accreditation (EIA) of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC), that is also holding the licence for the Dutch national setting (Nederlandse orde van beroepscoaches–NOBCO). You only earn such a certificate after demonstrable professional self–reflection and an enormous quantity of educational input, including in the area of organisational coaching and guidance which is my core business. This self–organised learning is in principle an ongoing process, which is regularly officially reviewed.

Altogether I look back with great satisfaction on the year 2016 that is now nearly coming to an end. Next year I hope to regularly share some specific aspects out of the diversity of my work, in the context of 10 year HildeConsult.

For now, I wish you enjoyable holidays, with lots of light and love, and a wonderful year full of new opportunities.
As mentioned, for me 2017 will be the year of thankfulness, a celebration of gratitude and appreciation for life as it develops… And you, what are you grateful for?