The logo of Hilde Consult

The logo of Hilde Consult shows the large barn door of the office in Amersfoort, that is painted in shiny Swedish red. A bright color, but also gentle. A color that suits the style of the building from 1947.
Going through this door, the world comes into view.

Your world, the place you occupy or want to occupy; your own positioning that eventually needs re-balancing. Exploring the what and how, and taking steps in the right direction can be done in an individual coaching trajectory or a tailor-made training.

Our world, in our organization, our team, our family, this is the context in which you live and function. Here you want to build and deepen inclusive relationships that make living and working together a joyful thing. Team-building-sessions and facilitated intervision can foster this.

Their world, people far away. Hilde Consult enters into partnerships to empower local civil society, to work on local community building, to contribute to organizational and personal capacity building, so that in the end poor people have more chances.

I-we-they, we all strive to find the best road to our destination in this world. But your life as a person, group or organization only gets direction and focus in contact with your core, your quintessence.

Hilde Consult can help you to get a clear view of that inner key point. And help you to walk your path in life with energy, with a positive attitude, and connected with yourself and others.