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Local solutions for global issues

Welcome at Hilde Consult, a training and coaching consultancy firm based in The Netherlands, and specialized in global cooperation and cultural diversity. With Hilde Consult you are assured that we work towards results and solutions as formulated together at the start, and connected with your real situation. You can expect quality input and concern, and will profit from my life-long involvement with global issues translated in realistic, practical solutions for the person/ local situation concerned, with change starting today.

Hilde Consult combines a vast knowledge and experience in countries in development, international cooperation, business-coaching, psychological guidance, organizational development & learning and cross-culture dynamics.
With this she guides people, teams, and organizations in their own unique process of learning and development. Capacities and qualities are reinforced, and this empowering brings about change from within; resulting in a new, workable, energetic balance.

What I can offer you

  • Consultancies including training, guidance, facilitating, coaching, assessing / evaluating and design.
  • On 4 continents (Latin America / Caribbean/ Africa/ Asia/ Europe /The Netherlands).
  • In 4 languages (English, French, Spanish, Dutch).
  • In 4 pillars:
    1. global cooperation / civic driven change
    2. cultural diversity / intercultural collaboration
    3. working abroad / coming back home
    4. change from within / finding a new balance

Hilde Consult is dedicated to work for cross-cultural solidarity, justice, love, peace and compassion. And to contribute to an inclusive society, at home and worldwide. Love is not blind, but opens hearts and minds to honestly analyze and recognize what is wrong, as a starting point for restoration...

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