Coaching and the Harvest Month

In our garden we have a more than 100 year old sweet chestnut tree. All chestnuts have fallen now, and we have eaten them with joy. Delicious, cooked as stew, or as a snack. The elderly in the neighborhood however, who know that tree much longer than we do, shake their heads ... a bad chestnut-year, far too many rotten fruit and empty shells .

In the same garden we have an - also old - vine. The pergola needed to be supported, so many heavy bunches of grapes, deep purple, baskets full. Good for many liters of grape juice, fresh or cooked with lemon and sugar. Never before the harvest was that abundant, and still enough left for the blackbirds and starlings.

Both trees received the same sun and the same rain, but that resulted for the one in a lot of fruit , and for the other in a moderate harvest.
The conditions were the same, but the results different .

If you know yourself, and you know under what circumstances you flourish, you can be on the outlook for those circumstances and move away from where you are not bearing so much fruit . I admit, some circumstances you cannot change, so it is useless to fight against them. That only costs negative energy. To accept this as a given situation however, is an art in itself, that not everyone is capable of in an instance.

Coaching / counseling can help you to discover what conditions are the most profitable for you. And what conditions can be influenced by yourself and those who are not (this is named knowing your circle of influence). As a person. As an organization.
Resulting in positive energy: no need any more to fight against something, but you can focus your energy with joy on the things that really matter.