Your team, your organization, your company wants to change. But how exactly? What does that dot on the horizon look like? And how do you get there? Or imagine, there is a problem that you cannot solve together. It is usually much cheaper in the long term to ask for advice from the outside rather than to keep struggling by yourself. Because the sooner you get at the problem, the easier a solution can be found.

We offer frameworks, structures, methods and guidance to get where you want to go. No document in a drawer, but actual behaviour in the desired direction.

Good advice can only begin after thorough diagnosis. What is the real question of the client? What lies at the bottom of problems, emotions or communication? What has been done so far? Why did it not succeed on their own? What are the bumps, resistors or limiting beliefs that prevent the change in the right direction? What is the right direction? How does power and money play a part in that? Who are involved in what? What are their interests? What is supported, and what is not (yet) supported?

The more people are involved in diagnosis, the clearer the specific situation becomes. There are many angles from which to look at the same thing, but in the end we need a clear and shared picture of where we are and where we want to go. The distinct quality of an adviser differs from that of a manager who has the power and resources to enforce change. You have to choose by yourself. In that process I can help you, because there are always many possible solutions.

Counselling is for me is: 'helping you to make informed decisions'

An advice from outside runs the risk of missing the point. You can end up with a nice document but without the desired change. No actions are taken, no results follow. But if you start to discover what alternatives and options there might be, you'll find out what suits you in the stage that you are in. Then, the change is actually already taking place from within. This will put the noses in the same direction, and the dot at the horizon has come a lot closer.

From four continents, I can illustrate this with examples and ideas. What has worked under what circumstances. What was needed to get there. And what results did it have for people and organisations.

Interested? Contact me to come and have a talk, to see if I can help you with your questions.