For who

The services of Hilde Consult can benefit

  • multi-cultural teams in The Netherlands and everywhere in the world
  • local partners of funding agencies in development work (including grass-root-organisations, CBOs, NGOs, church-affiliated organisations, governmental organisations, networks, umbrella organisations and support organisations)
  • individuals / families who are sent out by their business/ organization/ church (preparation/re-entry)
  • young professionals in international development
  • students in preparation for development work/ international career
  • collaborations where good intercultural communication is key for success

My clients include

  • Individuals / teams
  • Businesses (also for cross-border detached personnel or International Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • NGOs
  • Churches
  • Private consultancy firms
  • Bilateral donors
  • Dutch governmental organizations
  • Multilateral donors
  • Knowledge Institutes