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Partners & Network

For temporary collaborations it is important that an energetic and high-level team-spirit exists right from the start, from the moment of preparation until the very end and closure. The more unknown the colleague is, the more chance on little or bigger cooperation-issues, what takes time and energy to solve it in a period one needs all the concentration for the task ahead.

I aspire to work with a known and trusted person, and seek potential co-workers mainly from 3 sources:

  1. NEDWORC Association
  2. NOBCO/VCC Association
  3. Other world-wide contacts
  1. NEDWORC is a membership Association of more than 450 experts in international collaboration, varying between rural or urban development, emergency aid, rehabilitation after disasters, international research and business. Since the start of my membership 10 years ago I am internal coach and facilitator of intervision (group-wise-collegial advise), am participating in Learning Communities (on organization development and on evaluations), and editor of the package ‘Quality Consultancies’, a tool for the consultant’s Self-assessment for Quality. Through all these activities I have detected enough potential co-workers to approach for eventual collaboration when needed.

  2. As member of NOBCO / VCC I am also a member of the European coaching and counseling community. This community represents a broad variation in experience, knowledge and skills in accompanying persons, team and organizations by coaching, counseling and training. By participating in learning groups, member-workshops and conferences I have come to know many of these colleagues personally.

  3. A life of moving around the globe has brought me in close contact with very many professionals in many countries. With a broad spectrum of different competences. With many of them I maintain contact via social media, and often I am aware of other career-steps they make and positions they take up now. An easy source for references, some are good in providing translation and cultural connection, others to assist as co-evaluator or whatever is needed.

If I can help you by mobilizing my network, please do not hesitate to contact me.