Hilde Consult - Consultancy for Development

Approach & Principles

The art of guidance for me is that the tool / method / game / test / picture / movie / or whatever instrument is used, is serving the specific question of the specific client in its uniqueness. Different combinations of instruments, each time in an appropriate, unique and workable blend. Because what works for one person/team/ organization is not doing that automatically for another. Finding out what works is part of the diagnose / assessment / analysis. It has much to do with recognition of existing barriers for moving ahead, and finding the right trigger point for change. The purpose is always to get the ideal situation closer by, the point at the horizon as desired by the client. By bringing about change together in short practical steps, the client gets the taste of moving, and is able to continue on their own in the right direction. In a new balance. Languages we can work in are Dutch, French, Spanish, and English.

Vision on change
I am not fond of change for the sake of change. In many cases a situation emerged or was conceived in the past because there were perfectly good reasons for it at the time. In some cases, these reasons are no longer applicable, while they may still apply in others. It does not make sense to meddle in situations unless doing so will clearly offer benefits that are not outweighed by the disadvantages. We further believe that change is a craft that calls for a largely pragmatic approach focused on concrete results. Change should produce true improvements that prove to be durable.

Hilde Consult intends to always

  • Reinforce the inner capacity of the client, including ability in self-insight and reflection leading to more empowerment
  • Promote social-, financial- and environmental feasibility and sustainability in a change process
  • Respect local norms and values, customs and culture
  • Be open, honest and transparent regarding his/her qualities and limitations and in his/her relation with stakeholders, clients and other audiences
  • And intends to let prevail interests of commonly agreed development objectives over those of any particular party.

Hilde Consult adheres to the following principles:

  • Respect and openness: we respect the rationality, priorities and choices of our clients without withholding our own observations and opinions.
  • Ownership: the client is the owner of the question, of the analysis / diagnose (what is the real problem), is owner of the ‘solution’ and of the road towards it. Accompaniment means to us: ‘helping the client to make informed decisions’.
  • Contextualisation: we share best practices, information and experiences but recognise that a contextual translation and specification is needed.
  • Dynamic and process character of consultancy: we use methodologies that are appropriate in a specific situation, depending on capacity and willingness to learn and to change, situational possibilities and limitations, culture and sensitivities.
  • Participation: change processes are people processes, we consider participation in evaluating current practices and developing better alternatives, as a prerequisite for effective change processes.
  • Autonomy: we are independent, our consultancy is based upon professional expertise and standards.
  • Ethics: we ourselves apply Christian values, expressed in honesty, trust, transparency and contributing to true, meaningful partnerships. However, everybody who might wish to call in our services, is welcome to cooperate, disregarding background, race, religion, gender or opinions.

Hilde Consult applies the Code of Conduct of NEDWORC Association and the Ethical Code (Dutch pdf) and the Complaints Procedure (Dutch pdf) of the NOBCO Foundation.